Falkirk to Edinburgh – Stage 19

Falkirk to Edinburgh – 33 miles

Sunday 28th July 2019

Level of difficulty: Easy and flat

This stage is mostly ridden along the canal path, with some blind corners, under bridges, and two long tunnels but without traffic. There are no hills to climb, only one to descend.

Ride leaders and registration

This stage will be led by Moira Dunworth and Heidi Kastern

Mobile phone numbers  Moira 07807 568649 Heidi 07706 152388

There will be 8 riders places on this stage. Registration opens on 17th January 2019


Estimated duration: 4 hours’ cycling at average moving speed of approx. 10mph, plus two food stops: total approx. 5 hours. Estimated arrival at finish 15:00

10:00 Start at The Falkirk Wheel which has parking and is 2.3 miles from Falkirk High Station by the canal towpath. Note that the low car park at the Wheel, accessed by road through Camelon, is free but the high one accessed through Tamfourhill isn’t and is expensive. Please arrive at starting point 30 minutes before departure for photos and briefing.

Joining/Leaving point: Linlithgow Canal Basin, 11.5 miles from the start and by a train station (Linlithgow). This stop will be at approximately 11:00

Stops and facilities en route

There is nowhere to buy refreshments or snacks until we pass a couple of petrol stations on the A8, 20 miles into the ride. Please bring your own drinks and snacks for the whole of this stage. After a possible visit to the supermarket in Linlithgow there are no toilet facilities on this stage.

Coffee stop (bring your own): 11.5 miles from start at Linlithgow Canal Basin. Lovely spot but, sadly, the museum and tearoom will be closed when we are there. For another time do look at the Linlithgow Union Canal Society.

Picnic lunch at a spot off the A8 – nice and quiet. This will be a 30 minute stop.

Possible later picnic point would be Roseburn Park, by the cricket ground – 28 miles from the statrt and 4 miles from the end

Gogarburn Tram station is 12 miles from Linlithgow Canal Basin, 23.5 miles from the Falkirk Wheel. Cyclists could leave at this point as bikes are taken on the tram, at the conductor’s discretion.

First aid and general safety

The Ride Leader will have a first aid kit on all sections of the ride. Please also see Rider Guidance.

Specific danger points

When cycling by the A8 care needs to be taken when the pavement, on which we will be riding, is broken by adjoining minor roads. A particular danger point is the entrance and exit to the BP Petrol station just before the airport turn-off. Similarly, crossing Gogarstone Road at the airport roundabout needs to be done with care.

Very dangerous crossing by the Jigsaw Childcare Centre, opposite the B&M Home Store, just after the by-pass junction. Walk across, taking great care.