Ideas for local groups’ support

This is a pic’n’mix basket of ideas for local group events when the cyclists are in your area. The cyclists will of course be happy to join you and take part.

For any of these, make full use of FfT publicity material such as balloons, T-shirts

Basket of ideas for local groups

‘Family and friends’ informal events such as:
Short cycle ride/mobility scoot/walk in a local place. You may need local authority permission
FfTea – (a bit like an AmnesTea) – cream teas or cakes for sale with FfT symbol incorporated if possible. Arrange for bike buddies to accompany the cyclists doing all or part of the next leg of the route.
Open garden(s) with teas provided for small donation – any contacts with local Open Gardens owners?Selling things which represent FfT therapeutic activities with clients, to help show what they do: home-baked bread; plants; pictures.Auction or sale of books, bric-a-brac?
Photography competition on a theme e.g. ‘Peace of mind’; age group categories to encourage children to enter. Prize: T-shirt? cake?Invite the Quaker actors ‘Journeymen Theatre’ to perform one of their two plays that relate to torture (‘Feeding the Darkness’) or asylum (‘The Bundle’). The plays are powerful and thoughtful, but although they are not violent or explicit they are not suitable for children.Art exhibition: FfT may be able to lend work, or could local artists donate/lend something??
In cities where there is an FfT centre, invite leisure clubs such as gym or baking club, allotments/gardening/walking to tie in with clients’ interests, in case this can provide openings for local social contact for clients. Contacts with local places of worship or schools may help raise numbers/interest.Evening talk; could include showing an FfT film
For any event, have a supporter with a camera designated to take pictures; also invite local press.
You’ll have lots of other ideas! Keep in touch with us –