Rider profiles

Leaders: Milton Keynes to Birmingham

Patti and Alastair

Patti Gardiner and Alastair Craig are retired GPs, and Patti still works as a volunteer clinical assessment doctor with FFT in London every week.  “We caught the cycling bug when we signed up to cycle in North Vietnam in 2005 to raise money for FFT – or rather the Medical Foundation as it was then. Since then we have both worked as medics on cycle charity challenges:  one day UK events, London to Paris a few times, and more recently Vietnam to Cambodia.  We are enthusiastic leisure cyclists, seldom [i.e. never] keeping up with the fast boys at the front!  But we’ve cycled from the Scillies to Shetland [not in one go!] and love taking our bikes out on the rolling hills and quiet lanes of Northamptonshire.  We will lead the sections from Milton Keynes to Daventry which is our home, and the next day onwards to Birmingham.”

Leader: London to Oxford

Simon Warner

Simon Warner is a regular cyclist, not a ‘hills person’ but did manage Mont Ventoux, which is very impressive. He has helped with route planning for this project and will lead us from London to Marlow and onwards to Oxford. Simon has his member page on the JustGiving Team donation page. 


Leader: Oxford to Milton Keynes

Pic of Joanna Farmer in cycling gearJoanna Farmer’s been cycling for 5 years after being reluctantly dragged along  by her husband during his mid-life lycra crisis. She’s now fully converted, appreciative of the great outdoors on two wheels, with a blog and Instagram account chock-full of the fields and skies of Bedfordshire and beyond.  Joanna is a British Cycling group ride leader, an accredited track cyclist and a founding member of The Women’s Cycling Community, a collective that encourages women to get out and ride, and share their stories and experience. Occasionally she’s been known to take on massive mileage and mountain climbs, but she’s looking forward to supporting Moira and friends closer to home, on the Oxford to Milton Keynes leg of the ride.

Rider and planner: Heidi Kastern

Woman holding cakeHeidi lives in Edinburgh and will be joining part of the epic Cycle against Torture 2019. She is a cyclist dedicated to a comfortable pace of pedalling, enjoying coffee shop stops along the way and is known to have enough food and basic bicycle tools with her for (almost) any eventuality. Her bicycle is accustomed to as much sunshine as stormy weather, and as many uphills as downhills. As a rider, she merely tries to keep up with her wonderful wheels.   

Riders and planners: Carolyn Burch and Richard Raggett

Two cyclists with FfT banner

Carolyn and Richard are leisure cyclists, not sporty ones, but will cover surprising distances given time (and a café on the horizon). They’ve cycled for Freedom from Torture before, in Devon and Cornwall, inspired by the work the charity does but especially by the individuals they’ve met through FfT’s holiday hosting scheme. They also love cycling as a means of exploration and discovery, and spent this summer cycling part of the Iron Curtain trail in Germany. Having retired in 2016 and moved from Cornwall to Crail in Fife in 2017 (flatter roads, drier climate!!), they’re looking forward to more time on the trail and will be taking part in a couple of legs of Cycle against Torture.

Rider and host: Sam Riches, Lancaster

Sam with bikeSam Riches lives in Lancaster and covets an e-bike, especially for this jaunt. Sam works at Lancaster University where she organises public events on the history and archaeology of North West England and also arranges student placements with heritage organisations. Sam also leads on gender equality at the University. When she isn’t working she enjoys the vibrant local arts scene, especially poetry and live music. 

Rider: Rishi Trikha, London

Man on Brompton

Rishi Trikha is from Toronto Canada and lives in London, where he rides his trusty Brompton to and from work as a course leader in Theatre and Performance Practice at the London Metropolitan University. While in Edinburgh as a judge for Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression Award he took a few hours off to bike to Cramond. He normally sprints through the London traffic so this was a leisurely alternative and he looks forward to riding some of the Cycle against Torture 2019 with us. His fundraising page is here.